At Gypsum Consulting

We’re a sales and marketing firm in Minneapolis, MN.

We are all about growth and opportunity. If we hire someone, it is with the intention that they will move up in our company. We only promote from within, and all promotions are merit-based. There are leadership, management, consulting, and human resources positions available as someone advances within our firm.


Our Interview Process


Initial Interview

Invited candidates are provided with an on-demand video interview. Our team will review submissions that are completed within the requested timeframe given.


Peer Interview

The candidates that fit for the role we’re looking to fill will be invited to partake in a second interview that is conducted by one of our team members. That team member will walk through day to day operations and cover long term company goals. 



After completing the second interview, our management team reviews each candidate. We evaluate candidates based on interview performance, team feedback, and ability. Those offered a position will move forward with the onboarding process.