Gypsum Consulting is a marketing and sales firm that assists clients in Minneapolis, MN to acquire and expand their customer base. We chose the sales and marketing industry for two reasons; The first being that it is always growing. There will always be an opportunity for our employees to move up and take on management roles. The second is that it provides the opportunity to gain valuable professional skills. 
Working in this industry provides someone great experience in public speaking, communication, organization, and leadership. The most exciting part for us is that we believe that some of the biggest clients we will represent are companies that haven’t even been thought of yet. We can’t wait to see how our company and the business world in general progress in the next couple of years.

Personalized Approach

Working with Gypsum Consulting allows each client to connect with their customer base directly. Our team is able to foster a personal connection to help each customer understand the benefits of the product being offered.

Trained to be the best

Clients turn to Gypsum Consulting because we hire the best candidates locally and we have an extensive training program that not only equips each team member with thorough product details but we also train them to take ownership of every step of the sales process.

Equipped With Tech

No one likes it when a detail is missed. That’s why we equip each Gypsum Consulting team member with a CRM to manage a sale from start to finish.

What We Do

How does Gypsum Consulting help clients succeed? We do it by offering the following:


Companies are always in need of one thing over anything else, sales. We do it professionally and our closing percentage speaks for itself.

Customer Retention

Clients don’t just need new customers, they need to keep the existing ones too. We serve as brand ambassadors for our clients in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

Campaign Development

Haven’t sold your product before or are you exploring new sales channels? Gypsum Consulting has you covered. We help create our client’s sales model and work in collaboration to tweak that process over time.

Market Management

Nobody knows their market better than a local! Clients that work nationally would be spread thin if they didn’t outsource. Using a company like ours guarantees our clients to get in front of the customer they want quicker and more efficiently than they could on their own. 


Market Expansion

Looking to launch in a new market? We’re here to help. We personally train people to launch our clients into new markets every year. 


Team Development

As clients roll out new products or seek to change up acquisition, we handle the training and development. 

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