Gypsum Consulting is a marketing and sales firm that assists clients in Minneapolis, MN to acquire and expand their customer base. We chose the sales and marketing industry for two reasons; The first being that it is always growing. There will always be an opportunity for our employees to move up and take on management roles. The second is that it provides the opportunity to gain valuable professional skills. 
Working in this industry provides someone great experience in public speaking, communication, organization, and leadership. The most exciting part for us is that we believe that some of the biggest clients we will represent are companies that haven’t even been thought of yet. We can’t wait to see how our company and the business world in general progress in the next couple of years.

Personalized Approach

Working with Gypsum Consulting allows each client to connect with their customer base directly. Our team is able to foster a personal connection to help each customer understand the benefits of the product being offered.

Trained to be the best

Clients turn to Gypsum Consulting because we hire the best candidates locally and we have an extensive training program that not only equips each team member with thorough product details but we also train them to take ownership of every step of the sales process.

Equipped With Tech

No one likes it when a detail is missed. That’s why we equip each Gypsum Consulting team member with a CRM to manage a sale from start to finish.

What We Do

How does Gypsum Consulting help clients succeed? We do it by offering the following:


GCI is a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, dedicated to driving growth for larger companies through our expert sales services. We specialize in face-to-face sales, leveraging the power of personal interaction to achieve exceptional results. Utilizing Salesforce as our CRM, we effectively manage and optimize the leads provided by our clients. Our team is rigorously trained on daily presentations, ensuring high-quality delivery and impressive closing rates that speak for themselves.


Customer Retention

Our face-to-face approach significantly extends customer retention, with the average customer staying with our clients for 5-7 years longer compared to online, in-store, or phone sign-ups. We excel at connecting products with people, fostering meaningful relationships along the way.

Market Management

Every company’s goal is growth, and our clients rely on us to expand annually. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive training not only in sales but also in essential business skills such as territory management, recruiting, finance, public speaking, and team development. Our ultimate aim is to develop individuals into management roles, empowering them to lead our expansion into new markets.


Campaign Development

We are continually awarded new promotions from our clients to offer to prospective customers. Our proven track record in telecommunications showcases our ability to adapt and refine our sales processes, ensuring versatility in selling any product or service our clients require. Our commitment to innovation and excellence allows us to stay ahead of industry trends, providing unparalleled value and results for our clients.

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